$3 will be added to all fares to support marine wildlife and forest ecosystem research and education in Clayoquot Sound.

Clayoquot Sound was designated a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve by the United Nations in 2000. This designation is largely symbolic but serves as a reminder to all of us living and visiting Tofino that it is indeed a rare mix of ecosystems – mainly temperate coastal rainforest, ocean, and rocky coastal shores - worthy of respect.

A few of the important organizations we support:



The origins of the Pacific WildLife Foundation are in the West Coast Whale Research Foundation (WCWRF) founded in 1980 to administer, support and conduct whale research and education programs.Our mission is “to inspire conservation of coastal and marine ecosystems through scientific inquiry and education.” With generous public support, WCWRF met its mandate by contributing significantly to the first scientific descriptions of gray, humpback and killer whales in British Columbia and the North Pacific, and through education programs ranging from popular articles and books to the 1992 Gemini award winning documentary ‘Island of Whales’ narrated by Gregory Peck. Several prominent cetacean scientists operating in British Columbia today have their roots in the WCWRF. Prominent among them is Jim Darling  whose pioneering research on whales was supported for many years by WCWRF.





We would like to thank all our patrons who come out on tours with us! Without your support we would not be able to provide this important funding to these non-profit organizations in Tofino. They all make a huge difference in our community!