Finally! The T109A's come back to Clayoquot Sound with T097!

This morning John and I were going to head out to try and photograph Blue Sharks but our plans changed when we got word that there were 9 Bigg’s Killer Whales off Lennard Light. The T109A’s, now a gang of eight, were back! They had not been photographed in our waters since winter. This gang is locally known as The Runaways and they are frequent visitors to the Tofino area. We often see them in the spring and summer in Tofino. The gang had a bull with them today who we did not immediately recognize. T097, who was born in 1980, has only been photographed in our area once in 2011. We were excited to photograph a new to us Killer Whale and use the new 2019 DFO Photo-Identification catalogue! The Killer Whales spent most of the day slowly moving up the coast killing several seals along the way. So happy to see these whales again!

T109A Killer Whales, Tofino
Whale Watching Tours, Tofino
T097 Killer Whale, Tofino