A Quick Glimpse of Killer Whales T117 and T120

Yesterday we got word that there were two Bigg’s Killer Whales heading up the coast off Cleland Island. Jamie’s Whaling Station was on scene and said there was a male bull and a female traveling quickly up the coast. We headed out in the Eco. These whales were traveling at 10 knots so we caught up with them off of Hot Springs Cove. T120 (born 1986) was with his mother T117 (born T117). We were able to capture a few photo ID’s of both whales and then we let them go before Estevan. They were clearly on a mission!

The last time we photographed T120 was in February 2018. He was traveling up the coast with the T109’s (aka Big Mommas). This was my first encounter with him. What an impressive dorsal fin! Looking back in the Strawberry Isle Marine Research Society data he was also seen with the T109’s in 2009. Interesting!

T109, Tofino photo: Jennifer Steven
T117 Killer Whale, photo: Jennifer Steven