Biggs Killer Whales - More of the T023's

A few days ago we had a visit from the Bigg’s Killer Whales T023C’s. Yesterday we had a report of Killer Whales at Indian Island. John and I jumped into the Eco and went up to have a look. We met up with the whales traveling at Windy Bay with Howie on the Goolka. T023 and T023D’s booked it out Browning Passage and through the Tofino Harbour, then headed out past Lennard Light and down the coast. We observed T023D with her two calves plus the matriarch Janice, aka T023.

Shortly after the whales went through the harbour the T023C’s came through the same route and followed the rest of the gang down the coast.

This gang has been visiting Clayoquot Sound since noted in April 1991. At that time they were one of the strongest gangs around and visited Clayoquot Sound more frequently than any other group. Over the past few years we have not seen them as often in Tofino. The last time I photographed them was in May 2016. They must like Tofino Inlet because that was where they headed three years ago. This gang has lost members over the years but looks like they are growing. Both T023C and T023D have three calves! T023D’s newest calf was very playful. It kept swimming by the boat, jumping and playing in the water.

T023, Tofino
T023’s, Tofino