Killer Whales up Tofino Inlet (T023C's)

Early this morning I was drinking my tea and getting ready for a busy Saturday when I got a text from our Guide Tim Tom that a gang of Killer Whales were passing his window at Opitsaht. All my Saturday plans changed. John and I drove down to the dock to get the Eco and headed up Browning Passage to find them. Tim had jumped into his boat and was with the T023C’s when we arrived on scene. We followed the orcas up Browning Passage, into Tofino Inlet where they led us up Tranquil. Along the way they tangled with a sea lion but left it alone after a few breaches. We watched the Killer Whales make their way up inlet. Beautiful morning on the water.

The T023C’s have broken off from T023’s, aka Motley Crew. T023C was born in 1990 and she appears to have three calves (born in 2009, 2013 and a new one that looks like it was born in the last year or more.

The last time we saw the T023C’s was in May 2016 and they were still with the Matriarch T023. They all took the same path of coming through the Tofino Harbour and headed up Tofino Inlet. Their mother and sister T023 and T023D were last in Tofino in January.

Both of our morning and afternoon Whale Watching Tours were able to get out to see the Killer Whales!

T023C’s Tofino
Orcas, Tofino