Each spring, some 20,000 Gray Whales travel passed the western shore of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, en route to their summer feeding grounds in the Bering Sea and Chukchi Sea. The 30-ton giants can be seen on our Tofino Whale Watching Tours, as early as February, with females and calves passing by from mid March, through April and into early May. Tofino will see Grey Whales from March through to November due to the migration and the “local” whales that stay for the summer to feed. These Grey Whales return year after year to “summer” in Clayoquot Sound.

The Gray Whales return in the fall by the same route to their calving and wintering grounds in the warm-water lagoons of Baja California in Mexico. They usually travel faster and farther offshore than on the southbound leg of their migration. The 16,000 to 22,500-km round trip – depending on how far north they go – is one of the longest migrations of any mammal on earth. The whales travel throughout the day and night, and cover approximately 120 kms (75 miles) per day at an average speed of 8 kms per hour (5 miles).

The Whale Centre offers daily Whale Watching Tours at 10:30 am and 2:00 pm. July and August we add a 5:00 pm Whale Watching Tour! For more info please read about the Tofino Whale Watching Tour or Book Here.

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Grey Whale, Tofino Whale Watching Tour, Photo: John Forde

Grey Whale, Tofino Whale Watching Tour, Photo: John Forde