Breaching HumpbackThis is a juvenile Humpback mid Breach.
Full BreachJuvenile Humpback Whale with everything but the Tail completely out of the water.
Lunge feedingHumpback with his mouth wide open
Lunge Feeding HumpbackThis photo was entered into an Animal planet photo contest and won first prize. You can really see how the throat pleats extend when they swallow huge gulps of fish and water.
Mom & Calf Mother and Calf Humpback side by side.
Juvenile Humpback WhaleJuvenile Humpback, breaching. This type of behavior is very common with Humpbacks especially the youngsters.
Humpback whale's tailHumpback whale tail
Large Grey Whale TailGrey Whale Tail
Gray Whale FlukeNice Whale's tail with water flowing off the trailing side
Kelp on WhaleGray Whale with Kelp draped over the head
Gray Whale SpoutGray Whale Spout
Gray Whale in the KelpThese Gray Whales were feeding in and around the kelp beds just south of Vargas Island.
Baby OrcasTwo very young Orcas surfacing together. You can still see a slight yellow tinge to there white patches.
Sunset OrcaThis is a picture of a adult male Orca I took looking into the sun. The shot was later turned into a Roy Henry Vickers print.
Orca mom and calfYoung Orca staying close to mom.
Spy Hopping OrcaFemale orca off of Radar Beach spy hopping.
OrcaYoung Orca surfacing between two adults
Black BearThis sub-specie of Black Bear is only found on Vancouver Island. They range in size from 2 to 4 feet tall and 4 to 7 feet in length.
Black BearLarge Male Black Bear.
Black Bear Eating BarnaclesThis bear was busy chewing the barnacles off of this tree branch.
Mom and Cubfemale black bear and her yearling cub feed on grass.
Mom and CubsA mother black bar and her three cubs on a green sea weed rock shore.
Harbour SealsMom and Pup Harbour seals on a very low tide.
Fur SealRare sighting of a fur seal on our way to Hot Springs.
Two OttersTwo otters floating in the kelp.
Tufted Puffin
Tufted PuffinPuffin on the water stretching his wings.
Tufted PuffinTufted Puffin on a foggy morning with a moth full of fish.
Bald Eagle
Eagle EyeClose up shot of a bald eagles head.
Eagle in FlightThis eagle is breaking branches off of trees to build it's nest.
Flock of Shore BirdsA flock of Dunlin, Least and Western Sandpipers during the spring migration
Pacific Whitesided Dolphins
Pregnant Female Gray WolfYou can clearly see the extended belly of this female gray wolf.
Grey WolfGrey Wolf looking straight at the camera.
Sealions at sunset
Golden Light Orca
Ted's Gang
Friendly Whale
Golden Orcas
Bear Watching
Eagle wingspan
Pandora's Gang
Eagle on tree top
Grey WhaleGrey Whale in Cow Bay on a beauty of a day!
Grey Whales Grey Whales swimming together.
Jelly FishJelly fish
Great Blue HeronGreat Blue Heron up at Hot Springs Cove.
Deer at Low TideThis young male deer was eating seaweed on an island just outside of Tofino.

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