89 sea otters from Alaska were transplanted back onto Northern Vancouver Island between 1969 and 1972. They arrived 90 miles north of Tofino and 25 years later, in 1997, there was the first confirmed sea otter sighting in Clayoquot Sound. From that first sighting, reports grew steadily and now we have a healthy year round resident sea otter population! Sea otters float together in large groups called rafts that can consist of more then 50-60 animals, but are also seen floating independently as well. Sea otters spend nearly all of their time in the water, they: feed, sleep, mate, birth and play in the water, rarely being seen ashore. Here in Clayoquot sound we frequently observe sea otters floating on their backs, grooming or eating with their large paddle shaped hind feet sticking up in the air. The sea otters in Clayoquot Sound are finding plenty of their favorite foods such as: rock crab, urchins and geoduck clams.