Orca Whale- (Orcinus orca)

The largest of the Dolphin family, Orcas are one of the most recognizable whales with their bold black and white markings and prominent dorsal fin. Males are larger than females, measuring 8-10m and weighing 3.5 to 5.5 tonnes.


Here on the West coast we are privileged to see Transient Orcas as they range up and down the coast hunting and foraging. Unlike their close relative the Resident Orca, transient Orcas do not have territories and do not feed on fish. These are the meat-eating “wolves” of the ocean, hunting in small pods of usually 3-5 whales, displaying typical pack hunting behaviors. The orcas that visit Clayoquot Sound have a vast array of prey choices and have been seen feeding on seals, sea lions, porpoises, sea birds and maybe even sea otters. They are very opportunistic hunters, grabbing a snack whenever one presents itself!