Grey Wolf  (Canis Lupus) –

Shy and elusive wolves are sometimes seen traveling along the rocky shorelines at low tide.  Studies have shown that some of their diet is made up of seals, river otters and raccoons.

Tidal foraging

The coastal grey wolf is an interesting animal. A large predator and carnivore this wolf has, in recent years, shown a modification in behavior. Traditionally the coastal grey wolf would sometimes predate on animals that use tidal areas (the beach) for transit (ease of movement) or access to fresh water and food (clams crab fish and other marine life). These animals include their usual prey, Raccoons mink, otters, and deer. They also prey on black bears and tend to target cubs. In the last few years it has show tidal predation. They are feeding, like black bears, on tidal sea creatures by turning over rocks and looking for trapped sea creatures.

Pregnant Grey Wolf
Wolf with sealion kill