Black Bear – Ursus Americanus Sup-species Vancouveri

Range: Vancouver Island

This sub-specie of Black Bear is only found on Vancouver Island. They range in size from 2 to 4 feet tall and 4 to 7 feet in length. They weigh in at 90lbs to 600+lbs. Females 90 to 300lbs. Males 200 to 600lbs.   Being Omnivores their diet is varied. They will eat berries, nuts, fish, and what ever else they can forage.

On the coast they have become experts at inter-tidal foraging turning over rocks and logs they feed on crabs, clams, barnacles, and fish this food is available to them all year round.

Mom and Cubs by the water
Mom and Cub crossing water

Black bears are adept climbers even as adults.  Their sharp, curved claws are ideal for scaling trees and holding securely.  Smaller and less aggressive then their cousin, the grizzly bear,  Black bears are more likely to retreat and run away than attack when threatened. In fact it has been documented that researches have removed cubs from present mothers without being attacked. West coast Black Bears might be mellow by nature but they are still extremely strong and can be very dangerous.

Bear Head