Bald Eagle- (Haliaeetus leucocephalus)

Large Hawk-like raptor with a dark brown body, a white head and white tail, large heavy yellow bill and feet. The Bald Eagle likes to hunt for prey but will eat carrion as well. Fish, rodents, rabbits, mink muskrats and other birds, mainly water fowl, make up its diet.


British Columbia is home to more than 20% of North American Bald Eagles. They prefer to live on the coast or close to water where they can fish and scavenge for food. Their distinct white head and tail make them easily identifiable and very popular. Eagles are believed to mate for life and a bonded pair will reuse their same nest for many years. In the wild, eagles can live up to 40 years and have a wingspan of up to 2.5 m, despite only weighing 3-6 kg.



In the Tofino harbor there has been an eagle’s nest on Deadman’s island for the past 12 years. In a severe storm this past winter, the nest was blown down, but the pair of eagles that use the nest have been seen rebuilding in a nearby tree.