Bear Watching Tour

Join us for a Calm Water Experience! Guests aboard our 2-2.5 hour bear watching tours are often amazed by the intimate and personal experience that we provide.

Our skippers are experienced naturalists and are very passionate about what they do. Sitting in solitude watching a bear munching contently on shellfish is a sight and sound you won’t soon forget. To observe bears feeding and interacting in their natural habitat without disturbing them is an incredible experience.

Guests are excited to see bears just being bears. Since we do not feed or alter the bear’s behavior, you really get a chance to enjoy natural behavior in a way that you never could in a zoo or wildlife refuge. You can easily see how bears have won a place in our imagination. Bear behavior often reflects their distinct personalities and the skippers can often recognize individual bears.

Bear watching tours are dependent on the low tide, so departure times vary daily. We prefer to leave just before low tide so you have the best possible opportunities to spend as much time wildlife viewing. During the low tide, rocky shorelines are exposed, providing a smorgasbord of shellfish, seaweed, and crustaceans for bears to feed on.

This intertidal zone is also used for travel and foraging by coastal grey wolves, mink and other wildlife, so keep your eyes open and cameras ready!

The M.V. Eco, a 24 foot Boston Whaler, was made and outfitted to be the perfect bear watching vessel. The Eco can slide into those super shallow coves and bays at low tide where larger vessels can’t venture. The dual, quiet Suzuki engines allow us to view the wildlife without disturbing it, in fact the bears hardly seem to notice we’re there!

On board, everyone will be wearing the warm, dry Mustang cruiser suits. We provide the suits to keep our guests comfortable while enjoying the exhilarating ride up the inlet; the boat is quiet but still really fast!

The Eco is also excellent at getting good looks at harbor seals, shorebirds and maybe even a wolf, if you’re really lucky. The centre console allows the skipper to talk easily with the whole crew, while explaining the wildlife, area and sharing their many experiences.

Read more about this sub-specie of Black Bear, found only on Vancouver Island.

HD bear footage from John Forde on Vimeo.

Bear Watching Tour Summer Rates

2 – 2½ hours

Bear Watching Tour Winter Rates

2 – 2½ hours

* Pricing is per person. Summer prices in effect from May through September.  Winter prices in effect for October and April.

All Whale Centre rates are listed in Canadian dollars and subject to 5% GST (Goods & Services Tax), a $1 donation to the Strawberry Isle Marine Research Society and a fuel surcharge of $5 for adults, students and seniors and $3 for children, which is substantially less than our competitors.

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